We care

The landmark of any company is in the people who make it up. At Sanco, we are convinced that in order to build a solid and successful company, the constant search to do things better is primordial.

A fundamental part of that search is the commitment to our workers and the care of the environment. Our team’s well-being is top priority, which is why we are constantly working to meet this challenge.


A  produquality product is only achieved from good raw materials, which is the reason why we work hard to supply ourselves with the best of each region, such as strawberries from Chanco area or blueberries from Osorno, both with a widespread reputation due to their excellent quality.

After more than 20 years in the fruit sector, we have developed strong ties with our fruit producers. Today we work with growers from the IV to the X Region in Chile, visiting and providing them with counseling throughout the entire year.


We always look for top quality key suppliers. All of them must go through a strict selection process, which sets the quality standards to be achieved, letters of guarantee and the delivery of the material data sheets, ensuring that they are suitable for contact with food.

Likewise, every material is checked upon arrival to our warehouses, following a quality control that allows us to guarantee the fulfillment of the established parameters.

Sustainable culture

In Sanco we work hard to embody a sustainable culture, which has innovation and sustainability as necessary attributes to guarantee food safety and the competitiveness of our products.

For this reason our efforts are constantly focused on ensuring safe, legal and authentic products consistent with national and international standards. Likewise, we constantly seek the continuous improvement of a culture of quality, innocuousness and food safety.

We seek the best quality foods

Our team is led by Juan José Valdés, CEO; and Terenzio Casale, Development Manager. They work hard to find the best quality foods, and travel around Chile and the world with their team, visiting farms and inspecting facilities.

Worldwide destinatios

Chile is the main exporter of berries in the Southern Hemisphere and the world’s largest exporter of blueberries, cherries, kiwis, table grapes and plums.

The natural barriers of the country like the Atacama Desert, Andes Mountain Range, eternal ice and the Pacific Ocean, plus the rich geography and climatic diversity, have given Chile a perfect climate scene and excellent soils for the cultivation of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, kiwis, grapes and other kinds of fruits.

Our plant is located in Sagrada Familia, Curicó, where fresh fruits are received, selected, frozen and kept in cold stores at -20°C for their subsequent delivery.