Our purpose

We know that our customers are seeking the best. That’s why our goal has always been the production of safe, high-quality frozen products.  

Since its founding in 1987, Sanco has been a pioneer in the Chilean IQF industry and we have devoted our energy to bringing our customers frozen fruit and vegetables with no additives nor preservatives.

We have implemented a quality assurance program that fulfils the food industry´s highest standard and has achieved certifications such as BRC, FDA, Kosher, FSMA and Organic, among others.

Food safety and quality

To strengthen the company and empower it in the market, our efforts are constantly focused on the following objectives:

Comply with the quality standards defined to satisfy our costumers needs.

Ensure safe, legal and authentic products consistent with national and international regulations.

Promote the continuous improvement of a quality culture and food safety.

Strengthen the knowledge of our staff, in order to improve the level of their work and skills.

We have developed a traceability system that allows us to follow the fruit from its origin to the final client. With number codes on each box, tracing back products only takes a few seconds.

Frozen fruits and vegetables

Frozen imports


Our plant has continuous tunnels to guarantee the IQF quality of our products. Each product complies with a strict quality standard, which is often complemented with the particular requirements of our customers. 

In every process line, we have implemented the ideal combination of technology and manual selection. We recognize the advantages of both and combine them to produce harmless, safe products that comply with the quality requirements defined.

Premium packing services

Years ago we decided to increase our participation in the retail market, offering packing services for international and local brands.

We have the capability and the know-how to pack different bag sizes in all kinds of packaging.

Mixing machines and multi-head weighers, by generating a fully automatic process, help us to increase our market share in this competitive market.

Our certifications